Childbirth Education

Kennesaw Pediatrics partners with WombWise Childbirth Education to provide a comprehensive, on-site 10 week series.  Classes are offered both weekends and weeknights and are well-suited for anyone planning a hospital, home, or birth center birth.

Taught by experienced doula and childbirth educator Annette Culp, the series covers much more than labor preparation and relaxation techniques. It is about connecting with your body’s natural ability to birth your child. During this experience, you will unlearn all the misconceptions and fears about birth as a medical event rather than a natural process.

During the 10 sessions, this class includes everything from nutrition and exercise to relaxation, pain control, birthing options and much, much more.

The summer weekday series begins June 2 at 6 pm.   The summer weekday series begins July 9 at 7 pm.

For more information, class dates and registration, click here.