On-site Labs

On lab can perform many tests on site…

  • On site testing saves you time and money.
  • Quick results provide our doctors and nurse practitioners with the information they need to take care of your child right away, not hours or days later.
  • Lab tests are performed right in the exam room.
  • We use the newest technologies available to provide the most accurate and quickest results.

Complete Blood Count

This is a finger prick for a child, or heel prick for a baby.  It measures the different components of the blood such as red blood cells and white blood cells and can be used to diagnose conditions such as anemia or a suspected infection.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

This is a finger prick for a child, or heel prick for a baby.  It measures many aspects of blood chemistry and can provide information about the function of many major organs such as the liver and kidneys.


This is a finger prick for a child, or heel prick for a baby.  It measures the level of lead in the bloodstream.  Excess lead can cause a variety of health problems and learning disabilities.


Jaundice is a buildup of bilirubin in the bloodstream.  It is common in babies as their new livers take over the task of breaking down old blood cells.  It causes yellow skin in its mild form and severe yellowing and brain damage in its severe form.  In our office, most jaundice tests can be done with a simple tool that measures the color of the skin using just reflected light.  This test is instant and painless.  In some circumstances, babies may also require a blood test using a heel prick.


For a strep test, the back of the throat is quickly touched with a swab (like a long Q tip).   Our test requires only one swab, not the traditional two.  At out lab, we are able to test for the DNA of strep, which means an instant and accurate answer, no waiting on a culture to confirm a possibly inaccurate rapid test.


A flu test is a quick swab of the inside of the nose.  This test can tell us if your child has the flu and which type.

Stool Test

This requires bringing in a stool sample.  It tests for blood in the stool which can help diagnose several intestinal conditions or food allergies.

For some tests, we may not  be able to perform the test on site, but we can collect the sample and prepare it to be sent out for processing, saving you the trip to an outside lab.

For more complicated tests, we will refer you to an outside lab and will facilitate all the paperwork  to ensure quick and accurate testing.  Typically, for these tests we refer to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Scottish Rite location or Town Center location.