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Billing FAQ

What insurance plans do you take?

We participate in many plans from different insurance companies.  If you would like to know whether KP participates in your particular plan, it’s best to contact us at 770-429-1005 or  Even within the same insurance company, plans can differ in who and what they cover, so we strongly recommend you also contact your insurance company to confirm coverage and whether they consider KP to be in our out of your network.   If your plan requires you do designate a Primary Care Provider (PCP) for your child, please list Mark Long, MD.  This will cover you for every provider in our practice, so you don’t have any surprises no matter who you see for well checks or sick visits.  If you have any other questions about your insurance coverage, please discuss this with your insurance company prior to your visit.   Unfortunately, we are unable to accept new Medicaid patients at this time.

What if I don’t have insurance or have a plan that doesn’t cover most services?

We offer a discount program, QuickPay, for uninsured and underinsured patients.  If you will be using QuickPay, at your visit you will be given a list of QuickPay services and rates.  If you have insurance but would like to use QuickPay,  you must choose if you’d like to pay the QuickPay rate or file with your insurance at the time of service.  We cannot control what your insurance plan will pay, so it is possible that the amounts you would owe if you filed with insurance may be more or less than the QuickPay rate. If you have an insurance plan and choose to use it at the time of service, we are not able to later reverse the charges and offer you Quickpay.  Similarly, if you choose to your Quickpay at the time of service, we will not later be able to offer a refund of the amount you paid and file the charges through your insurance.

What should I bring to the office visit?

Make sure to bring all necessary documents, including your insurance card and your ID (like your driver’s license or military ID) to your visit.

Do you file insurance for us?

We’re happy to assist in the filing of your insurance.  This means we file all the paperwork for you.  Any copays or non-covered services will still be your responsibility.

What will I have to pay at the time of my visit?

This will depend on your plan and what you are being seen for.

If you are being seen for a type of visit that your insurance….

  • covers with no deductible, coinsurance or copay, you won’t be asked to pay anything upfront for that visit
  • covers with a copay or coinsurance, you’ll be asked to pay that amount upfront
  • covers but is subject to deductible, you’ll be ask to pay $75 towards the total amount of the visit and then you’ll be billed for the remainder of the cost once your claim is processed

How do I add my newborn to my insurance plan?

Call your insurance company as soon as possible after your child’s birth. Most insurance plans allow just 30 days after your child’s birth for you to add him/her to your policy.  We will be able to see your child in those first 30 days using your existing insurance card (remember to bring it to the first visit!).  However, if you do not add your child to the plan in the time allowed, you will be responsible for the charges.  Check out our Tips for Adding Your Newborn to Your Insurance.

What if my child is covered under both parents’ insurance plans?

One parent’s insurance plan will be “primary” and the other will be “secondary”.  Most insurance carriers use the birthday rule, which means the parent whose birthday comes first in the year will be the “primary” insurance provider.  We will file your child’s claims with the primary insurance plan.  Some insurance carriers use other rules, so be sure to contact yours to determine which insurance will be primary.  If at any point one of your insurances is cancelled, be sure to notify the other to avoid any problems with your coverage.

Why did I receive a bill if you take my insurance plan?

Each insurance plan has different benefits and different financial obligations and most have some charges that are the responsibility of the family. We will mail you a statement for these types of charges.

These may include –

  • Copays and coninsurance. These are flat fees your insurance policy charges per visit and may be different for different types of visits.  Typically you will pay your copay at the visit, but if not, it will be included on your bill.
  • Charges for a services before the deductible is met. Many plans don’t kick in for certain services until you’ve paid a certain amount yourself – this is your deductible.  Once you’ve met your deductible for the year, your insurance company will pay for more.  If your deductible isn’t yet met, you’ll pay $75 at each visit toward the charges for that visit, but if the charges were more, you’ll receive a bill for the difference.
  • Charges for services that aren’t covered by your plan.

We suggest you contact your insurance plan to find out what services are covered, the amount of your copays, and the amount of your deductible before the visit so you don’t have any surprises later.

Sometimes a well visit uncovers a health issue that must be treated or addressed at that visit.  If this requires the providers to add additional exams, tests or procedures to the visit,  those may not be covered under the well visit coverage of your plan.  Depending on your plan, this means you may have additional charges for those things that weren’t covered as part of the routine well visit.

When do you send out bills for anything we might owe after insurance has paid their part?

We will send you a statement as soon as we hear back from your insurance plan regarding what portion of the bill they pay, and which part is your responsibility. Balances not paid within 30 days of the first statement will be charged a $25 late fee.  If you have questions about a bill you received or need to work out a payment plan, please contact the billing office at 770-429-1005 or at

Why did I receive a bill from another company (lab, equipment company, etc.)?

Some things like certain labs and rentals of nebulizers and infant bili blankets are conducted by outside companies.  These companies will process your insurance and bill you separately.  KP will not bill you for these items, so even though you receive a bill from both KP and another company, you will not be charged twice for the same item.

What are the fees for forms and records?

Immunization Records (3231) are provided at each well check, free of charge.  Hearing and Vision Forms (3300) are also provided free of charge at any visit in which hearing and vision are checked.  Sports or camp forms brought to the exam are also completed free of charge. Replacement 3231 or 3300 forms,  or other forms that are dropped off for completion at a time other than an exam, are $10 per form.   Because of the substantial time involved in completion, initial Katie Beckett applications are $75.

Form 3231 is not just a list of immunizations, but certification that a child is fully up to date on vaccines.  If a child is not up to date, we cannot legally issue a Form 3231, but will provide a list of all immunizations the child has received.  This immunization list can also be printed through the patient portal free of charge at any time.

For college students, the completed University System of  Georgia Immunization form is provided free of charge when requested at the time of a well check.  Completed forms requested at a time other than an exam are $10.

Where can I get records of all my payments?

Receipts for payments made are offered at each visit.  Duplicate receipts and other payment records can be provided electronically free of charge by contacting the billing office at  Printed extensive duplicate financial records may be charged a $10 administrative fee.