Expanded Hours for Back to School Forms and Physicals

Back to School is right around the corner, and here at KP, we know a lot of families are feeling the pinch of completing all those health forms and physicals. So we’re here to help!

  • Expanded Evening Hours. We’ve always offered evening hours to fit busy family’s lives, but for the next few weeks, we’re doing even more. For the week of July 11th, and running through August 3rd, we’ll be staying open until 7pm Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s with these evening appointments reserved exclusively for back to school visits.  Just call us at 770-429-1005 for more information on schedule and apposchool busintment availability.
  • Everything You Need for School. We’ll offer evening Well Checks, Hearing and Vision Screening, and Vaccinations during the expanded evening schedule. See below for more information on what your child may need.
  • Same Day Forms. If you bring you forms with you to your appointment, we will complete them at that visit! (Same day forms for appointments only; not available for forms requested via phone or in person without an appointment. Complicated Medication Authorization forms or Health Needs ID forms may require more time at the discretion of the physician.  Call ahead to see if this may apply to your child.)
  • Open to KP Kids and Other Kids, too!These services will be available for children who receive healthcare at any practice. As long as we accept your insurance, we are happy to see you.

First days are coming up quickly! Cobb Schools start July 31st.  Cherokee, Bartow and Paulding County Schools start 8/1.

So what might your child need?
Well Child Checkup –
• Checkups make sure your child is healthy and ready to learn! Typically, many of the forms you’ll need for back to school, such as vaccines and hearing / vision screening, are part of the checkup.
• If your child has not had a checkup in the past year, he or she will need one in order to receive any missed vaccines or the hearing / vision screening.
Vaccination Form (Form 3231) –
• You’ll need this if your child is entering Pre K or Kindergarten, entering 7th grade, if your child is new to Georgia, or if coming from private school.
• There are some vaccines that are only given after the 4th birthday so you may need those if your Pre-K or Kindergarten child hasn’t received them yet. Also there are two vaccines given before 7th grade, so be prepared for those as well if your child didn’t receive them at the last checkup.
• If you had to get a vaccination form for summer camp and plan to use the same form for school, you’ll need a new form if the expiration date has passed.
Vision, Hearing and Dental Screening Form (Form 3300) –
• You’ll need this if your child is entering Pre K or Kindergarten, if your child is new to Georgia, or if coming from private school.
• The form must be completed in the 12 months prior to enrollment.
• We can complete the vision and hearing screening, but cannot complete the dental screening. We’re happy to refer you to local dentists who can complete the dental portion of the form.
Health Needs Identification Form and / or Medication Authorization Form –
• If your child has special medical needs, such as ADD, allergies, or another condition, you’ll need to complete the Health Needs Identification Form for your school district.
• If your child will need to have access to medications during school, whether a regularly taken or emergency medication, you’ll need to have a Medication Authorization From for EACH medication.
• These forms are available from your school district, but are completed by your doctor.
• (If your child has multiple conditions or a complicated condition, these forms may require more time.  Also these forms may not be able to be completed for some medications or conditions for patients who do not regularly attend KP. Call ahead to see if this is available to your child.)
Sports Physicals –
• If your child will participate in a sport or physical activity, he or she will likely need a sports physical and form clearing him or her for the activity.
• Requirements and forms vary by school district, so call ahead and see if you can pick up a paper form or download it from the district website.