We’re here for School Nurses!


While everyone else is enjoying summer, we know that school nurses are already thinking ahead to next year.  As you plan ahead for your students, Kennesaw Pediatrics is happy to help.  We believe that investing in the health and wellness of all children is an important part of the role we play in our community.

If there are supplies you may need for your clinic, please send us your wish list and let us help.  We can offer items school nurse basket Katsuch as band-aids, wipes, tissues, and much more.  We can even plan to deliver items to your school during pre-planning in the fall.

Any school, K to 12, public or private, within 15 miles of KP qualifies.

If you would like to request a basket of supplies, please complete the form below.  Someone will reach out to you to schedule a delivery or pick up time.

UPDATE:  We’ve been so excited to pack and deliver baskets to the amazing school nurses in our community! We’ve delivered or are delivering 37 baskets to nurses in several counties.  The program is now closed for this school year.  Check out some of these awesome nurses and their baskets below!

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