Breastfeeding Moms Group

“Helping moms love the breastfeeding relationship with their baby”

The Breastfeeding Moms Group is for all women who want to have a successful breastfeeding experience. It is lead by our experienced lactation consultants and open to the public. The discussion includes topics pertinent to the women in attendance. Topics will include: Preparing to breastfeed, Getting a comfortable latch, Ways to increase or decrease milk supply, Family attitudes, Taking care of yourself, and more. The goal of this group is to provide breastfeeding support and education in a positive, relaxed environment. The class is lead by Valerie Vanderlip, IBCLC, RLC and Yolanda Kadima, IBCLC, RLC. It is held once a month. There is no charge, but please call to register because space is limited.

Call Kennesaw Pediatrics at 770-429-1005. Mention that you want to register for the Breastfeeding Moms group. This class is for moms and babies only.

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