Baby 101

BABY 101 CLASS!!  If you are in the last month of pregnancy or have an infant up to 8 weeks old, this class is for you. It is held one Saturday a month from 10am-11:30 at our office and it is free. Please call 770-429-1005 to register.

About the class:

As you begin your new journey into parenthood, you probably have many questions. We are here to help. This precious bundle doesn’t come with the instruction book most new parents would like to have. You are likely experiencing the great emotions of love and joy, but also some uncertainty and possibly even a little self-doubt. This is where we can help. We are here to provide education and reassurance to first time parents. Led by our pediatric nurse and experienced mom, you’ll receive concrete advice on the subjects you are, or will soon be, experiencing. If you are a first time parent or in your last month of pregnancy, this class is for you. We welcome you to join us.

We will cover feeding, including breastfeeding and formula, stooling, burping, sleeping, crying, diapering, car seats and, last but not least, taking care of yourself.

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