UPDATE: KP Kids CHANGE the World

At KP we are so thankful to have been able to support several amazing causes this year. And in this month of gratitude we want to do even more. 

From now through December 15th, we’ll be collecting loose change for KP Kids CHANGE the World.  In each of our waiting rooms you’ll find labeled water bottles slowly filling with pennies, dimes and quarters (and maybe even a few dollars!)  At the end of the project we’ll be donating all collected money to one of the charities we supported this year.  And best of all…YOU get to decide which charity receives the donation or if it should be split among all three.   If you are in the office, you’ll find voting stations with each water bottle.  Let us know where you think your donation would be used best!

A huge thanks to Fontis Water in Marietta for donating the water bottles.

Here are the organizations:

MUST Ministries in Marietta, where KP staff and families sent items especially for moms and babies at Mother’s Day.  MUST provides assistance to families and children in need in the Atlanta area.

Star of Hope Mission in Houston, where Dr. McKinnon volunteered in medical school and where KP sent a suitcase of donations from KP staff and families.  Star of Hope works with homeless families in Houston, many of whom were particularly affected by the recent hurricane and flooding.

Global Giving in Mexico City, which distributes funds to vetted relief organizations working with earthquake survivors.  Friends of KP Mattie Walter and Carrie Cunningham delivered and distributed three suitcases of medical and personal supplies in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Next time you’re in the office drop off your loose change and vote for your favorite charityChange the world label!  We’ll announce the winner December 18th.

UPDATE:  We collected over $50, which is a lot of dimes and quarters!  And the final winning vote was to split the donation among all three charities.  Even better, KP will multiply the donation so that each charity receives $100!