Telemed visits use video and phone conferencing to allow you to have your child seen by the doctor without having to leave your home.  These can be a great option for many common issues.

What issues can I schedule a telemed visit for?

Telemed can be used for a limited number of issues.  Call the office for more information.

How do I schedule a telemed visit?

Simply call the office and let the front desk office know!  They’ll make sure a telemed visit is appropriate for your concerns then schedule the visit for you.  They will then send you a Telehealth Consent form via email or text that you will need to complete online before your visit.  Telemed visits can be scheduled for established patients only.

How does it work? 

You will be given a one hour range in which the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner you will be seeing will call.  At first they will call by phone to confirm your contact information and offer you several video contact options.  They will then connect with you to conduct the visit.  If it has been 10 minutes or more after your appointment time range and you haven’t received a call, contact the office to make sure there hasn’t been a problem connecting.

What do I need to have at home?

You’ll need a phone, tablet or computer with video, mircophone and speaker.  The child will need to be with you but it’s fine for them to have toys with them to keep them busy.  A quiet, well lit room works best.  We may also ask you to take your child’s temperature, count their breaths or move the camera / phone so we can see better.  If after the exam, the provider feels that your child needs in person evaluation or urgent care, they may refer you to an office visit or to the emergency room.

How does billing work?  

We will bill your visit like a regular office visit in accordance with all the rules and regulations set up by the state of Georgia and by the insurance companies.  Like with any other visit, we are not able to know ahead of time how your individual insurance plan will choose to cover the visit.  We’d suggest  you call your insurance plan ahead of time if you have concerns about their coverage.